How I can upgrade my current plan

You can easily upgrade your plan by login to your client area.


Please note that you cannot upgrade or downgrade the product, if there is any pending invoice that has been generated for the next renewal. Please first pay the outstanding invoice and then you will be able to upgrade or downgrade immediately following that and be charged the difference or credited as appropriate.


1) Login to your clent area by going through

For login credentials please go throgh your welcome mail that we have already sent.

2) Go to "Service" > "My Services"

3) Now you can view all the list of services that you have registered with us.

4) Click on "View Details" button on the exact product/service that you need to upgrade/downgrade.

5) Here you can get an overview of your product/service with us.

6) Go to "Management actions" > "Upgrade/Downgrade".

7) Here you goes....Please choose the package you want to upgrade/downgrade your current package.


If you still facing any issue in "Upgrading /Downgrading" a package/prodoct, then please open a ticket in our help desk  "".


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